Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Simple Pleasures, Simple Gifts

So last night I’m blogging about a rough day and being refocused on the God who is getting me through each rough day. Today, I had some simple blessings that helped it be not so rough.

The biggest one is the phone call I got last night I’m still flying high from. There’s a wonderful family GIVING my eldest son a car. It’s a beater car with lots of miles but he’s put tons of work into it so it will last us a while. And I’m a firm believer that everyone should have a beat up first car and a crappy first apartment. It helps you appreciate moving up from there. This family felt moved of God not to sell it to me but to simply give it.

This morning I was “privileged” to get to wake at 6:00 to get my daughter to track practice. But the joy was it’s an off exercise day so I got to head back to bed after the last little duckling was dropped off at school. So what if the dog woke me twice? I got to rest in a comfy bed under warm covers for a whole hour.

I got to take an uninterrupted shower in the quiet of an empty house. How many of my MOPS friends just got jealous? It was so relaxing. Didn’t even shave my legs. I just enjoyed the hot water and nobody pounding on the door to tell me their sibling was picking on them.

I got to put into practice the new organizational tip I’m trying. I bought the kids mesh laundry bags and three out of four of them had actually put their dirty socks inside. Seriously that’s gonna be amazing when they come out of the dryer. You have no idea the levels of hatred I have for sorting socks.

The best treat of my morning was heading to my friend Jaime’s house and sharing with her how amazing and how do-able a family vacation to Disney World would be for her family. I gave her all my best tips and showed her money saving tricks and at one point she laughed out loud and said, “Look at you talk about this. You’re beaming!” I really do love doing Disney right. It brought joy to me and gave her a much-needed break in the midst of her chaos of home remodeling and sick kiddos.

But the day wasn’t over yet! I took my blessing-from-heaven new van in for its first service visit. It was included in my purchase so I didn’t have to worry about what they’d find or how much it would cost. The Toyota lady even ordered me a new part for a small thing that fell off one of the seats—under warranty. And they washed it. That right there made me smile. It looks so pretty now.

As I type this I’m getting ready to start my insane, early-release-Wednesday routine. Today's will include driving to two schools, getting Ryan to the Y to swim laps, taking Kati shopping, making dinner, and running kids to various youth groups. I really hate Wednesdays lately so I think that’s why God’s helping me focus on the fantastic simple pleasures and simple gifts of this morning. These simple blessings, both big and small, will help me, I hope, to keep my focus where it should be for the rest of today.

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